Wyatt Davis

My name is Wyatt Davis and I’m writing at Golfs Team. Since a young age, I have been obsessed with a golf game. I took golf training at the age of 20 after I graduated high school.

I was one of the students that learn golf in just a few months. It took me only 3 months to become from handicapped to the good golfer.

When I was trying to learn golf I faced many problems. There was no proper golf based blogs and sites. We used to buy books about golf and try to learn from limited printed knowledge.

But now the time has changed. There are thousands of websites to learn golf and my website golfsteam is one of the thousands. Golfsteam is fully owned by me and I share knowledge about golfs from my experiences.

I started this site to get connected with golfers around the world and help them with a proper guide, needed them to become a pro golfer.

I am from California. I graduated from Gretchen Whitney high school in 2010. I was never born with a golfing talent. I used to practice daily so I can shot a perfect shot.

Let’s talk about my site.

What Golfsteam Offer to Users?

I am an experienced golfer and I can cover topics that will help handicapped to pros. This site will start to provide information from the beginning level:

  • Tips and tricks to start
  • Gears you need
  • Best drivers
  • Best clubs
  • Best putters
  • Beginners guide

If you have any question, you can contact me here.

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