The Best Drivers For Distance [Expert Picks]

A golf course can be quite huge and your shot needs to cover as much distance as possible.

driver for distance

The maximum distance you put on your shots will definitely be helpful to your game and it will also leave you into a position that will result in you even winning the game sometimes.

When you play with the best golf driver, the distance that you get is huge. A short distance could be devastating when you are playing with some talented players. And even when you are losing, smashing the ball to a distance is pretty healthy.

In this article, we are going to go over some of the best driver for distance that will help you gain some distance when you are swinging on a golf course. So, let’s just get into this review.

Best Driver For Distance

In this article, we are going to go over some of the best golf drivers that will help you gain some distance when you are swinging on a golf course. So, let’s just get into this review.

1. Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver

The Callaway Men’s XR 16 driver is one of the best driver for distance. It is extremely forgiving meaning that you can hit your shots with terrific accuracy even if you tend to miss it a bit.

This is also helped by the aerodynamic shape of the head and the crown that increases the ball speed.  The large Moment of Inertia is because of the head shape and the center of gravity is low and deep.

The ball speed is increased and this helps the ball to cover a large distance without any hassle. The new RMOTO technology also makes the driver lightweight that is in favor of the player. As far as the build quality is concerned, the face boasts a titanium build which is pretty strong, the driver will definitely last you a while.

  • Increased Speed and Distance
  • Good use of new technology
  • Too much forgiveness

Our Review

While the forgiving aspect of the driver could be a buying point for some, the same thing can be a deal-breaker for others. Aside from this minor inconvenience, the driver is pretty solid overall. It boasts incredible speed and distance and it also makes use of the latest technologies in driver manufacturing.

2. Ping G400 best Driver

The Ping G400 driver has a very good feel and grip and best driver for distance it comes with everything that helps to increase your distance. The head has a full sound at impact that is not only satisfying but also gets the job done.

It has a streamlined shape that makes use of the new Vortec Technology to increase speed. The design of the driver is also aesthetic. The new technology increases clubhead speed and ball velocity.

  • Great Design
  • Streamlined Shape
  • Not forgiving

Our Review

Pro players are going to love this best golf driver but this cannot be said the same about the new players. This driver is also pretty streamlined so that shot output increases for everyone. In addition, the driver has a design that really attracts people.

3. TaylorMade M3 440cc best golf Driver

The TaylorMade M3 is a 440cc driver so it is largely targeted towards the pro players in the scene. It comes with a new face curvature that will correct your off-center hits.

This also helps in reducing spin and delivering straighter shots. The driver also gives you more lift and high-toe for a consistent spin. A new sole shot is implemented into the driver and there are reinforced outer portions of the slot for a lighter face.

The center portion of the driver allows the ball speed to have less spin so that the distance on the shot increases. The back portion of the driver provides you with ample forgiveness which is always a nice thing to see.

  • Nice balance
  • Impressive Speed
  • Consistent Spin
  • Grip

Our Review

You can add around 15 yards to your shots if you use this driver. It has a nice balance between being difficult and easy to use, forgiveness is perfect.

The spin reducing face really helps with the distance. The only visible flaw here is the grip which we felt could have been a lot better if TaylorMade had put a little bit more effort into it.

4. Cobra KING F9 Speedback best Driver with Cobra Connect

The Cobra KING F9 driver is one of the best drivers to have surfaced in recent years. The driver comes with an all-new Speed back technology that gives you an optimized aerodynamic performance and a very low center of gravity.

This makes it the fastest driver on the market. This aerodynamic design also provides more flight and distance to the ball. The build material here is tungsten for a low center of gravity. The driver utilizes the new CNC precision milled face that is pretty fast.

Another technology is here is Dual Roll that is the main feature of this driver. This technology adds more distance to your shots by drastically minimizing the gear effect that could impact the launch and spin on the high and low misses negatively.

  • Use of CNC Milled Face
  • Dual Roll technology
  • Aerodynamic Build
  • Does not come with headcover and wrench

Our Review

The CNC milled face present in this best golf driver gives an added boost to your precision on every shot. The dual-roll technology helps to increase your overall distance and the aerodynamic build makes this driver very ergonomic to hold and use.

All of these features make it one of the best drivers available for distance. One minor problem is the exclusion of a headcover that really makes this driver

5. Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver

Another best driver for distance The Callaway Rogue driver features a jailbreak effect which increases the ball speed on every shot. There is a triaxial carbon crown present here for increased moment of inertia and low spin. Low spin generally translates to more distance.

There is an interchangeable weight here for increased spin and trajectory control. The aero package present here is also pretty significant. A premium shaft is present here that hosts multiple weights.

  • Increased maximum distance
  • Premium Shaft
  • Interchangeable weights
  • No covers included
  • The face is a bit low quality

Our Review

While the Callaway rogue provides a premium shaft, it cuts corners as far as the face is concerned. It doesn’t help the fact that the driver lacks covers as well. Switching to the good side, this driver does come with an impressive distance on the shot and interchangeable weights. All of these features will surely help you out in the long run.

Factors that affect the Distance of a shot

The driver is just one of the many factors that affect your shot distance. There are a few things that you must take into account to help you increase your shot distance. Some of these factors are discussed below:

Shot Power

The distance that the ball covers mainly depends on how much power you put into the shot. The only real thing that you can do is hit the ball as hard as you can and hope that the ball travels as far as you intended.

Reduced Spin

Drivers or shot style that reduces spin automatically increases the distance on the shot. The driver you buy must be able to reduce spin as much as it possibly can.

Driver’s weight

A lightweight driver is generally easy to hold and it will not waste your energy. You can then utilize the energy to generate swing speed and increase the distance on the shot. A lightweight driver can easily drill through a ball and make it better.

Driver Face

The face should be forgiving for the distance to increase. Having a large sweet spot will help trigger more speed and speed is directly proportional to distance covered. So, the more fully the face of the club meets the ball, the more distance the ball will cover.

Driver Quality

The overall quality of the driver will go a long way to provide a much-needed boost in the distance of any shot. A consistent driver that has quality material will increase your effort by a large margin. It will also amplify the game of the golfers.


Does the brand of the driver matter to increase the shot distance?

It doesn’t matter that much. However, a good brand will last you for a longer period of time and that will be a more sensible product for an average consumer.

Does the price of the driver have any effect on its performance?

No, it really doesn’t matter what the price of the driver is. The performance of a driver is not solely based on how much it costs.

Will a driver actually help to increase the distance on a golf course?

Yes, a driver can go a long way in determining how much distance that a shot will cover.

 What are some important things that a driver should have for increasing the distance?

A driver should be lightweight, it shouldn’t be too expensive, an ergonomic grip is essential, the length should suit you as well.


To conclude, a driver should have features such as spin reduction and the right weight for it to have any effect on the distance. Aside from the driver, the player himself should also be skilled enough if their aim is to gain any yardage on a golf course. The drivers present in this review will certainly help with that aim.

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