7 Best Drivers For Slice (To Curve Drastically)

In golf, a Slice is a shot in which the ball curves in a drastic way while it is on the flight. Normally slices have a flight from left to right for right-handed golfers.

best drivers for slice
the best drivers for slice

Some golfers play the slice intentionally but normally, it is a result of a mistake by golfers.

There are ways to intentionally do a slice shot and there are drivers to help you out within. Normally, you’d want to decrease the amount of slice on your shots therefore, the drivers discussed here are actually anti-slice drivers.

However, there are cases where you want at least some type of curve.

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7 Best Drivers For A Slice

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some of the best drivers for a slice that will help you improve your slice shots. So without any further ado, let us get into the review.

Cobra F Max Offset [#1 Best driver for slice]

The Cobra F Max Offset is the best driver for a slice that comes with an offset design to create more launch and draw bias, this helps with shot precision. it has a light build with lightweight shafts and swings weights. This produces maximum speed for the shots and generates the curve required for a sliced shot.

The center of gravity is fixed at the back/heel. You can also see the crown alignment feature when you use it and there is a titanium face that gives this an impeccable quality.

  • Impressive build quality
  • Creates curved shots
  • Doesn’t come with a club face cover
  • Weak Shaft

Our Review

The Cobra Max offset doesn’t come with a club face cover and this is only one of the few gripes that we have with the driver. Another equally frustrating part is the weaker shaft present here. Aside from this inconvenience, the driver works flawlessly in every condition imaginable and it is a perfect driver for a slice.

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TaylorMade M2 Driver

TaylorMade M2 is a slice best driver from 2017 that houses multi-material construction and it repositions the center of gravity towards low and back. There are six layers of carbon crown here. The crown has a skeletal titanium body that frees up some weight.

The geocoustic technology is advanced here with sole shaping which is perfect some curved shots. The driver also has increased forgiveness if you want to get a more straight shot. In conclusion, with this driver, you can play with every playstyle. There are also some premium additions such as the grip, an ultralight build, and loft settings.

  • State of the art technology
  • Cheap Price

  • Is not an adjustable driver

Our Review

The Taylor made M2 slice driver has state of the art technologies such as premium grips, geocoustic tech, and other features that makes it one of the best drivers for a slice shot.  It doesn’t ship with an adaptable driver and that could be a deal-breaker for many.

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver – Budget Driver For A Slice

The PGX offset has a slice technology that will help you out with your shots. A headcover is also included in the package and it is  460cc club face head which provides you ample forgiveness. This driver also has a great design aesthetics wise and functionally the driver functions pretty good.

  • Impressive shot variation
  • Headcover Included
  • Build Quality

Our Review

The PGX offset is the best driver with all the features at a reasonable price. However, the company has cut corners as far as the build quality is concerned. The driver looks flimsy and it might be problematic for some. If you are looking for a driver that you would want to last for years, then you are better off searching elsewhere.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Offset Driver [Thin club face]

The Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Offset driver houses a control design that delivers straighter shots. You can also equally hit a sliced shot with this driver. The driver has a deep face with varied thickness around it so that the launch speed of the driver increases in a significant way.  The shaft technology used in this driver is also pretty high tech so the overall build quality is another good talking point of this driver.

  • Controlled Shots
  • Good Build Quality

  • The head is a bit flimsy

Our Review

There are a lot of complaints about the head breaking off despite the other parts of the driver being intact.

This could be a huge problem for many people as a driver without a head is quite useless. But Still, this driver does come with its advantages such as the controlled shots that it provides and the build quality that it has.

MAZEL Men’s Golf Driver

The Mazel Men’s golf driver comes with a new cup face design that has a high rebound and it pretty efficient at delivering super-fast ball speed across the face. Even if you mishit, the average distance covered by this driver is significant and every shot sounds equally crisp. The head present here is super light with strong titanium material on the face.

The face also has a variable thickness present which drastically reduces the driver’s weight and gives it faster swing speeds overall. The sweet spot on the face is large too.

The total volume is around 460cc. The driver has a low center of gravity therefore, the weight is removed from the crown to the position it in the low area.

There is a presence of a speed channel as well which is engineered to minimize face thickness and provide an increment in ball speed across the face. This helps to cover

  • Light weight
  • Comfortable grip
  • The sweet spot on the face is large

  • Build Quality

Our Review

A lot of people have complained about the build quality of this golf driver on Amazon. It seems like the product really cuts corners on its build quality especially around the shaft area.

Moving on to the advantages, the driver is super light with a nice grip and it is pretty forgiving so, if you are a beginner who is working on your slice technique, this will be the perfect weapon in your arsenal!

Callaway Golf Rogue Draw Driver – Best Women Driver For A Slice

As the name suggests, the Callaway Golf 2018 rogue driver is meant for women. The driver is designed to be pretty lightweight and impressively sleek looking to cater to the women in the world.

It comes equipped with an impressive jailbreak effect that enhances ball speed by a long margin. In addition to this feature, it has drawn an increasing weighting system and a boring aero package that really helps you out with your swing.

The triaxial carbon crown build is another huge talking point of this driver. It also has a premium shaft with multiple weights.The sweet spot on the face is large too.

  • Easy to swing
  • Great for slice

  • Too forgiving
  • Flimsy

Our Review

While too much lightweight can seem a bit flimsy to most, this driver packs a good deal of quality nonetheless. A simple gripe that people can have with it is its forgiveness which is too much for some. But if you are a woman, you might find this driver very useful and your game will definitely increase in the long run.

Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver

Callaway is pretty famous for creating some good best driver to slice and the Great Big Bertha Driver which is typically focused on the Men’s game is one such good driver. The best thing about this driver is its top of the line Omoto technology which will get you a massive increase in shot distance.

Similarly, there are other technologies here such as a much thinner face that results in high ball speed and aerodynamic head shape.

It also has a lightweight club head design. The forgiveness in the driver is handled with care and the aerodynamic design gives it a nice grip as well.

There are adjustability options here and they can all be adjusted in quite a simple way. Thus, this driver is a perfect driver for slicing through a golf course.

  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Adjustability
  • New Technology

  • The shaft is low quality
  • The weights aren’t tight

Our Review

While the Callaway men’s great big bertha driver is an impressive work of technology, we cannot deny that it suffers some trivial problems that really hinders its reputation.

The shaft is one such area. It is not a good shaft by any means and the weights present in the driver is also not of good quality. The weights keep on sliding no matter how much we tighten them up.

Factors That Affect The Slice

There is not just the driver that affects the slice on a golf course. A number of factors are in play, some of which are explained below:

Swing- Bringing the driver inside your backswing will force you to compensate as you bring the golf club head down to the ball. In normal wording, more swing in your short could create more slice

Aligned Club- If your club head is aligned parallel to your shoulders then, the action could create a lethal slice. You can easily fix this by letting other players spot out the problem and then working on your action. At first, it may be a bit difficult to convert into a new action but gradually it will become second nature!

Grip- Your grip might be the one reason why you are regularly slicing the ball. Finding a correct grip with nice angles will definitely decrease the slice on your shot. While finding your own grip can be hard, mastering it is very easy.

Weight- While we know that the best driver itself is not really responsible for slice, the weight of the driver however is another thing entirely. Manufactures have found technologies to build make drivers where weight is distributed evenly. The heel as more weight as compared to the face and this design pattern is less likely to cause a slice. So, you could definitely try out these kinds of drivers. It’s not about heavy or light drivers but even weight distribution.

Importance of choosing the right driver

If I were to tell you that the most important club in your golf bag right now was the driver, would you believe me? Even though you may not realize it, the right golf driver plays a crucial role in any golf round.

You will most likely pull out your driver about 14 times around, the average number of par 4 and par 5 holes found on nearly all golf courses.

When you use a golf driver, a good or bad tee shot can set the stage for how the rest of the round will go. Without a good tee shot with the golf driver, you may find yourself all over the course.

A long straight drive is crucial for position off the tee, setting you up nicely for your approach shot, far more accurately than a long iron from the rough.

So you see, the golf driver can be the most important golf club in the bag because it can influence how the rest of your game will go. Oh yeah, we know: “Drive for show, putt for dough”, but the right golf driver can inspire confidence and take strokes off your game by allowing more accuracy in subsequent shots on the hole.

With that said, does it really matter what type of golf driver you have in your bag?  With the many recent advances in technology today, there is a significant difference in golf drivers that could mean the difference between a 240-yard tee shot and a 275-yard tee shot.

The technological achievements in the design of the modern golf driver allow even average golfers to attain accurate drives of great distances. Now you can buy golf drivers that can be changed whenever you need it to be.

No, I don’t mean packing it up and returning it, but actually making changes to the golf club on your own, in the form of movable weights and notches on the bottom of most club heads that allow you to change the loft, shaft angle, and so on.  The adjustability on some of today’s golf drivers is truly amazing however this also creates a problem.

The main problem with golf drivers today is that there are so many to choose from. Best golf drivers 2012 offers many choices in clubhead sizes and materials, sweet spots, shaft construction, and flex, shaft length, loft angles, adjustability, etc. Taking into consideration your level of play, your swing, and your swing speed, you’ll find the perfect golf driver for you right here to help you start shooting lower scores immediately.


So there you have it, folks. These are the drivers that you would want to use for handling slice. Now, remember, slice itself is not a bad thing if you can use it to your advantage.

You need a great deal of practice, skill, and experience on a golf course to know when to slice a ball and when to avoid it.

The drivers are only the tools that will help you improve your own performance on the field. You can definitely use any of the drivers that we have reviewed for you.

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