Worst Golf Club Brands To Avoid In 2022 – [Expert Advice]

One of the most annoying and unpleasant things that can happen out on the golf course is to have your golf club fall apart on you when the fun’s just about to begin. It happens to everyone, sure, but beginner golfers seem to be the ones that are most vulnerable to getting their fingers (and their money) burned by defective golf clubs.

So, in this article, we’ll talk about golf club brands to avoid, and the worst golf clubs ever made. For some of these golf clubs and their brands, the problem could be that their performance or quality is not up to scratch, or they simply do not offer enough to justify their price.

Speaking of price, a good rule of thumb with golf clubs is you get what you pay for. With most of the popular and big brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, and Cobra, you can safely rely on the quality of their products.

Worst Golf Clubs Brands To Avoid

On the flip side, they can set you back a few hundred or thousands of dollars, making the instinct to shave off costs by reaching for an alternative really understandable.

We won’t criticize you for that, but while searching for golf clubs that can do the business without drilling a hole in your pocket, be sure to steer well clear of the brands we’ve listed here.

6 Worst Golf Club Brands To Avoid

We’re going to assume that you’ve spent hours reading reviews and watching videos about the best golf clubs, and maybe even the most affordable golf clubs. But have you thought about finding out the worst golf club brands? 

We’ve rounded them up for you here. Here are six of the worst golf brands for anyone to play with, not to mention a high handicap golfer. Seriously, we doubt that even Tiger Woods can make something of some of these clubs.

As you may have expected, some of the worst offenders are knock-off clubs. Others are just pretty bad in their own right.

1. Yonex

Yonex is a pretty popular Japanese brand and some of their products are on the high side of the price spectrum, suggesting that at least some of their products are of exceptional quality. Surprisingly, Yonex manages to sneak into every discussion, if it’s about a bad club.

Perhaps they have their hands full with the production of tennis and badminton merch, but the golf clubs from Yonex fall short where it matters. 

What makes the travails of Yonex golf clubs more jarring is that Japanese companies, since the last decade, have set the gold standard for the quality of golf clubs, and you can generally trust them to deliver a good experience when you head to the course for a golf game. 

To be fair, Yonex golf clubs are not singularly terrible, at least not when compared to some others in this category. They just fall well short of expectations, especially when you consider the fact that some of their products are offered for premium prices. Indeed, the biggest grouse with golf clubs manufactured by Yonex is that they do not offer performance and quality commensurate with their prices.

If you fork out such sums, then you’re well within your rights to expect good feel and performance from a golf club, and this is where Yonex golf clubs need improvement.

2. Hammer X

Have you ever looked at a thing and instantly had the feeling that something or another didn’t come off right about that thing? Hammer X golf products give off such vibes.

You don’t need to spend too much time browsing their product catalog before realizing that gimmicky doesn’t even begin to describe the products and the brand itself. Of course, Hammer X tries to gloss over this fact by constantly being in your face with several promotions and ads, vowing that their products will get rid of your slice and make you the greatest golfer overnight.

But the evidence is right there in front of you, and the golf clubs neither look, feel, or sound right. In fact, their drivers look pretty ungainly. Don’t get suckered by Hammer X’s daring claims, those are all just a smokescreen. In reality, Hammer X golf clubs will not take long to pack up, and will not make you a pro golfer overnight.

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3. Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the most instantly recognized brands worldwide. Their products are synonymous with quality, and you can reasonably expect anything produced by the company, whether it’s motorcycles, musical instruments, or golf clubs, to score top marks for quality and performance. 

So, why then is it on this list?

Yamaha golf clubs are excellent, just as you would expect, so that’s not the problem. The problem is that the prices of the golf clubs are so high as to make you wonder whether they are worth it, in terms of their performance. A driver from Yamaha costs almost as much as a complete set of golf clubs. That’s a bit extreme, whichever way you look at it.

It’s perfectly understandable, even acceptable, for global brands to charge a premium for their products. Apple does it all the time. However, it’s important to strike the right balance, or else the product risks losing credibility and a huge part of its draw. This is where Yamaha fails.

4. Alien

Alien makes no bones about it, their target buyers are beginners. And the average beginner would likely want to experiment with cheap golf clubs at first, to be certain that they are so into the game as to warrant them splurging on the fancier stuff. So, they make inexpensive golf clubs at the expense of quality.

That makes a lot of sense.

The major problem with this is that the quality of alien’s golf clubs takes a massive hit. And it’s so noticeable, it’s become something of a running gag.

Generally, most beginners have low swing speeds, but when your game starts to improve, and your swing speed becomes a bit faster, your Alien golf club will inevitable struggle to cope and eventually break. Just when you’re beginning to get the hang of it.

While you may be tempted to pick out something cheap the first time you go shopping for golf clubs, it’s a lot smarter to choose a piece that won’t fall apart the first time it’s put to a test. Spending a bit more will benefit you better in the long run.

5. Seven

The bullet hollow point driver is in our list for a number of things. The first thing that puts it in

Seven is a brand that doesn’t boast the easy recognizability or reputation of the bigger brands, even those in Japan where they’re based. But in terms of the quality of their products, Seven is not far behind.

That may be short-selling them a bit. The truth is, their products are top-notch, in terms of feel and sound. And they have the rockstar looks to go with it.

They’ve clearly been built for pros.

And that’s exactly where the problem lies. Beginners should give these golf clubs a wide berth, for very obvious reasons. Most beginners struggle to hit dead center of the clubface and ideally, a golf club with more forgiveness and leeway would assist with that a lot. Seven’s golf clubs offer none.

Golf clubs with rockstar looks inevitably have rockstar price tags attached to them, and Seven is no exception. You would be correct if you said that Seven’s golf clubs were made for a very exclusive clientele. Unfortunately, beginners are not it.

6. Precise

Precise is brutally honest in their self-assessment. None of that flowery self-promotion with them; their clubs are affordable back-up options. They are the perfect alternative if your first choice is unavailable or out of your reach. They’re what some people think Pepsi is to Coke.

Their honesty is admirable. The quality of their golf clubs is not.

Precise golf clubs have traded quality and performance for affordability. So, if you get one of these, you shouldn’t expect it to be the club of your dreams. It won’t last long either, particularly if you’re a high swing speed golfer. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Now, if you’re the type of golfer that only breaks out the golf club set on extremely special, rare occasions, Precise golf clubs will work. On the other hand, if you usually hit the golf courses more times than the Mrs. is comfortable with, you should consider getting something else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best cheap golf clubs?

A: There are tons of golf clubs that do not sacrifice quality for affordability. Clubs such as Wilson Staff Launch Pad Irons, Callaway Rogue X, Benross Delta Irons, Fazer XR2 Irons, and TaylorMade M2 irons offer decent levels of quality and performance and they won’t leave a hole in your pockets.

Q: What are the best golf clubs?

A: We suspect that the choice of which is the best golf club is down to personal preferences. However, there are brands that score absolute top marks whichever way you look at them. As you can expect, they are the big names such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno, etc.

Q: Do bad golf clubs make you a bad player?

A: We won’t go as far as suggesting that bad golf clubs automatically make you a bad golfer, but they do contribute to making your game worse.


This concludes there’s nothing as disheartening and discouraging as playing consistently for a while, without any noticeable improvement in your game. If this is you, then maybe you’ve been using one of the worst golf clubs all along. Browse through our list, and if you find your golf club brand among them, you should consider ditching it and picking up one that’s more suited to your game, preferably from trusted brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Razor, and Mizuno, just to name a few.

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  1. Worst clubs? Many years ago I had Browning Low Profile irons. They were a gimmick but I loved them and I managed to knock it round to a six handicap. Unfortunately they were stolen and I have not seen similar clubs since. Is there a brand that offers a similar product?

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