Worst Golf Club Brands To Avoid In 2021 – [Expert Advice]

There are some bad apples in a bunch of good apples everywhere. The same can be applied to golf. While we have seen a plethora of impressive golf clubs over the years, there have also been some pretty bad clubs as well, golf club brands that you need to avoid as a golfer.

It must be your lucky day because today you have stumbled upon an article that will provide you with a comprehensive list and explanation of some of the worst golf clubs ever made. These clubs are generally older clubs that have been lost in the shuffle.

Worst Golf Clubs Brands To Avoid

One thing to consider is that this list is always changing and some of the items on this list will definitely change places. Some of the clubs are just plain unusable. They don’t have the correct shape, unhittable and some are just gimmicks.

As far as the material goes, it doesn’t matter if the club is a driver, wood, iron or wedge, the list has covered all categories.

Now let us get into this review and see some of the golf clubs to avoid!

7 Worst Golf Club Brands To Avoid

Straight off the bat, we are going to go over some knockoff brands and see why they are bad.

But what is a knockoff? Well, a knockoff is a low-quality brand that uses some likeness of the original brand. For example; Abibas is a knockoff brand of Adidas.

You need to avoid these kinds of brands because they are of low quality.

1. Knock off Brands To Avoid

Giga-golf is one knock-off brand that makes clubs legally but they are of low quality. You need to avoid them at any cost. They have the design that makes them pretty similar to popular models.

It is not illegal to buy these clubs and if you are looking for a cheap club you can definitely give it a try. They will perform as good as any club but they will not come with a warranty. Diamond Tour is yet another knock-off brand that you should definitely avoid.

Now, let us get into some clubs from different legitimate brands that are pretty bad at what they do and you should definitely avoid them.

2. Ping Doc Putter

The ping putter adds things on its club that is not needed. The users get this club with features that have no real-world application and only work in theory.  This is one of the worst clubs in the world. Just don’t buy it!

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3. Flip Face Odyssey Driver

This driver is a surprising addition to our list because of the company that has made so many good drivers over the years. This one fails to leave any lasting impressions though. The odyssey putter has a very bad design and the performance is also pretty bad. The flip face doesn’t seem right when you use it and it just skips on the basics of what makes a driver usable and good.

4. Cleveland Vas Irons 792

The Cleveland Irons just might the worst of the bunch because of the weird design choices that they employed here. The head of the club has a shape that’s undescribable. It is out of the world, for the lack of a better phrase. This iron club also fails to accomplish its task. The iron doesn’t provide forgiveness and it has a horrendous grip.

5. Bullet Hollow Point Driver

The bullet hollow point driver is in our list for a number of things. The first thing that puts it in this list is it’s standard. This club doesn’t have the standard components so, its build quality is pretty bad. The design is ugly as well. It also doesn’t help the fact that the driver doesn’t offer that much when you put it into the test. The accuracy is not worth mentioning here, it’s that bad!

6. Alien Wedge

The alien wedge club was primarily made for high handicappers to try to help out with their slices but this wedge doesn’t really fit in with the non-handicappers. And this is why it is kept in the list. Also, the design of the wedge makes the lift too much on it and it is just not good for normal golfing.

7. Hammer X

The Hammer X club brand isn’t really a good driver manufacturer. They try to cut corners in their race to provide the cheapest option. In that race, they fail to get a proper driver on the market. The Hammer X driver that they released comes with gimmicky features that are not usable in any way. There’s no point in adding things such as power core sword-shaped shaft. We recommend you to get away from this driver as far as you can!

8. Nike SQ 5900

Nike’s addition to its equipment in golf has been a disaster. This club is very bad. The box on a stick setup that’s here is just infuriating.  The performance is very bad and considering it’s Nike who made this stuff, it just got added to the list without a question.

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This concludes our list of worst clubs from different brands that you should avoid. There are many other golf clubs to avoid too but these clubs present in our list are the worst of the worst. So, please do not buy these clubs when you go out shopping for a club.

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  1. Worst clubs? Many years ago I had Browning Low Profile irons. They were a gimmick but I loved them and I managed to knock it round to a six handicap. Unfortunately they were stolen and I have not seen similar clubs since. Is there a brand that offers a similar product?

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