How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Well, the question of the battery life on a golf cart is very common. To answer this properly, we first need to estimate some rough figures.

How long do golf cart batteries last?

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The average time of a battery is somewhere around 10 years and the most less time a battery can last is around 3 years.

If you are the private owner of the cart, you will probably be using your cart less than the average cart that is not owned privately.

The estimated time of 10 years is a steady estimate but it is not really constant.

There are various factors in play such as the maintenance given to a golf cart, the condition of the battery, the type of battery, and so on. It also depends on how much you use the golf cart,

If you are using it regularly for a stretched period of time, it may not last that much. Also, sometimes some external damage can drastically reduce the overall life of the battery. Conditions such as weather can be a crucial factor in determining whether the battery will last you or not.

So all of these factors will play a very big role.

 Factors that affect Golf cart battery life

We are not going to go into detail and explain every nook and cranny about the factors as there are so many of them. But we are going to look at some of the most basic things that will make a huge difference in battery life. They are:

  • Weather: Hot Weather will reduce battery life
  • Battery Type and Brand: Batteries that tend to leak acid aren’t recommended, a good quality battery is a must.
  • Golf Cart brand: Some brands provide intelligent charging that helps to charge the battery without any hassle.
  • Battery Maintainance

Signs that tell you to replace the golf cart battery

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There are some signs that give you a perfect picture of a dying cart battery. Some of these signs are explained below:

Inconsistent Charging

A golf cart battery is similar to any other rechargeable battery that you use in devices such as a phone or a laptop. The cart batteries undergo some repeated cycle of draining and charging the battery can take a huge toll on it.

All batteries are manufactured with chemicals that last only a certain amount of time. When you use the battery a lot, the shelf life reduces and you will not get the power that you would get when the battery was new.

The charging can also be affected by the charger you are using and you can hit maximum power (100% charge) despite how old your battery is. When your battery is beginning to die,  the golf cart will take longer to charge.

When you can’t charge your battery to its full power then you will have to deal with long charging times. Also, you don’t get the distance that you would otherwise get. Even then, the cart should be able to go through the golf course once and cover a few miles. When the cart battery reaches its peak, it should be able to cover 7 miles of distance without the need for a recharge.

A game of golf should not be abnormally stopped because of a dying battery.   You can notice when your batteries are becoming weaker and weaker. You need to then check it out and replace it.  You wouldn’t want your cart to die while you are driving it.

If you see any signs while you are on the course, call it quits for that day and then, work on your cart. Replace the battery, recharge it properly, and then, you are good to go.

Cart’s Performance

The best way to tell if your battery is working or not is by measuring the golf cart’s performance. More often what happens is, the electric golf cart will start to do some whizz sound and the sound is pretty fast. Also, the acceleration of the cart is reduced.

This means, when you start off the cart, it will take time before it reaches the top speed. When batteries start losing their strength, the cart takes long times to start up and sometimes it doesn’t even reach the speed that it would otherwise.

The carts will also lose the ability to climb up hills. So, if you are not getting the speed on your cart, it might be a time to change it.

Visual Signs

There are some signs that you can see with your eyes and they will tell you the battery status. Such visual evidence can be quite large ranging from battery cracks and bulge. When this happens, you should handle the battery with care and when you see some issues, you always look for visual signs.
Batteries with issues will definitely bulge and you can also notice a bump when you clean your battery,

Some batteries will even leak the acid inside it and this is a sign of major deterioration, replacement becomes vital in such condition. The corroded battery can cause spotty connections as well.  One way to make sure your battery doesn’t corrode is by getting a brush and cleaning it off with rags. Also, you can also fix a bulging battery with different methods.

However, if you see the leakage, there is nothing you can do. There is also environmental repercussions from a battery that is leaking so make sure you dispose of it properly.

Battery Dies while driving

When your battery is dying often while you are driving your cart, this is a premonition for what’s coming!  The battery is no longer capable of holding up and when this happens frequently, it is a clear sign that you need a replacement. This is as bad as overcharging your batteries. Also, you shouldn’t drain your battery frequently.  Every battery has a limitation of how much it can be charged and drained. You need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure that you treat your batteries in a proper way.

Battery Usage

If your golf cart battery also powers some additional components such as lights and radios then, it can cause problems for your battery. First of all, the components can be left on when the cart isn’t being driven. Second, lights, music players, and radios will take a considerable amount of energy from the battery.  This will be pretty bad for the consumer at the end as the battery will die fast. Proper utilization of the battery inside a cart becomes a very important factor in determining the life span of your battery.

How to get most out of your battery?

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While every battery will stop working no matter what you do, there are certain things that you can do to get the most out of them. Some of these things are explained below:

Chargers and Charging Pattern

One thing to notice is that overcharging a battery can seriously damage it. It is best to utilize a charger that is automatic meaning it turns itself off when it detects a full charge on the battery. This also depends highly on the battery. Some batteries will support this feature while others will not. You can also do this manually. Just remind yourself to turn off the charging after some time.

If it is possible, charge your battery every time before you use an electric golf cart. There are different battery charging patterns for instance lead batteries will not have a significant life span if you discharge it.  You should always fully charge the batteries though, do not half charge them.

A dual pro charger can also help your batteries last longer. This is a system of charging that is very dependable and automated. This battery charging system will deliver a perfect charge for your batteries and help to increase the overall life of the battery.

Frequent Maintenance

You should always clean your golf cart battery to check the level of water each month. It becomes vital to prevent damage by removing the corrosion from the battery terminals. Using distilled water can give a huge boost to any battery and you should pay attention to the level of water markings.


We have discussed it earlier, utilizing your battery properly is crucial. You shouldn’t leave any electronic device on with the battery and you need to charge your battery properly. Also, remove the key before you leave your cart. One thing that we haven’t discussed is the driving pattern. Some people drive smoothly and that helps their batteries to last longer. You can always avoid steep hills to get the most out of your batteries. Using a truck or a utility trailer can also go a long distance in helping you out.


So, there you have it guys. A typical golf cart battery lasts around 10 years in terms of life span. After a single charge, the battery may last you a day or two of driving.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of your batteries. We have explained it in detail so, we are not going to go over them again in this conclusion but we can summarize it.

Therefore, you need to maintain your batteries, utilize it in a proper way, look for signs and if everything has a point of no return, then you can most definitely replace the battery.

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