How Much Does A Golf Cart Cost?

A Golf Cart is a very good investment for golfers. It can help you not only on the course but also out of the course.

There are some unique benefits like you can use a golf cart to move your items from a place to another. These carts are also pretty quick and efficient.

How much does a golf cart cost

You can use them to have fun in your neighborhood and also take it to a golf course and just use it like it is intended. As far as the cost of a golf cart goes, that varies! There are many things that determine the price. There are also different brands, models, and price brackets for a golf cart.

How much does a golf cart cost?

We cannot say exactly the price of any golf cart but we can definitely give you a rough estimate on what you would have to pay.

There are various segments of golf carts and depending on what kind of cart you are buying, a cart can cost you from 1000 USD to 15000 USD.

This huge range of price is mainly because of the different section of a golf cart which is explained below:

  • Used carts or Second-hand carts are the cheapest carts and they can cost anywhere from $2,000 – 5,000.
  • If you want to buy a new cart then, you have to get 4000 dollars minimum. It can go up to 15,000 dollars
  • A street-legal cart will cost you around 6K dollars.
  • The cheapest model can be bought for under 2K USD.
  • As far as high-end models go, they can cost 10K USD to 15K USD.

Factors that affect the Golf cart Cost

So, why do some carts cost so much while some cost so little? Well, there are various factors in play that exactly determine this. We have discussed them below:

Type of Engine

If you are fairly experienced in golf, you might know that golf carts have two types of engines namely; gasoline engine and electric engine. Each of these engines has its own advantages and disadvantages. A gasoline engine produces more power but consumes more fuel.

The electric engine will not have fuel cost attached to it but it doesn’t produce too much power. Also, electric carts are environment friendly.

You also don’t find gasoline cart that much nowadays so they have kind of become rare. Electric carts, on the other hand, have flooded the market. And this is the reason why electric carts are cheaper than the gasoline ones.

Manufacture Date

The manufacture date of a cart can make a whole lot of difference to the price of the cart. Every brand releases their new models every year. When this happens the new models always have a slight increase in the price than the previous models.

If there is enough stock of the previous model, their price decreases significantly. If you go to buy a cart, you can definitely get a premium cart from around 2012 for much cheaper than the same cart of this year.

Sometimes you can find a great deal, an old cart that costs less but is worth more than a cart that is new.

Accessories and Warranty

Additional features and upgrades add cost to a cart. Some low-end carts don’t provide you battery chargers while high-end carts do so, they cost more. Some carts will have automatic chargers while others will have a manual charger.

The actual build quality is also determined by the cost. Expensive carts have better quality. There are also upgrades that can affect the price.

This applies to both low-end and high-end carts; if you are adding upgrades such as a tweaked steering, a new brake system, cart heaters, covers, cup holders, etc. then, the price is bound to increase.

Also, a very cheap cart may not come with a warranty but an expensive one will definitely have some form of warranty attached to it.

What is the price difference between Low, Mid, and High-end carts?

golf card sizes

Low-End carts

It can be divided into two categories; Used and New. Used carts start at 1000 USD and go up to 5000 USD. The factors that can affect the price of a used cart are; manufacture year of the cart, the condition of the cart, and the price that the seller is willing to sell it on.

For Low-End carts that are new, you can find them for 4000-7000 USD. These low-end carts will have general features, a good enough engine, and a few accessories. Don’t expect DVD players, headlights and other sweet things though. They are only reserved for mid and high-end models.

Mid-End carts

It will burn a hole through your pocket as the price range starts from 7000 USD and it goes up to 10,000 USD. You can expect 10 years’ worth of performance from these carts.

They are built with premium materials, strong wheels, and efficient engines. As far as accessories go, these carts, depending on the price will provide you with things such as cart heaters, chargers, covers, umbrella stands.

golf bag holders, cup holders, and so on. Some carts also provide you off-road tires so that is also a very neat addition!

High-End Carts

It will cost anywhere from 10000-15000 USD and these carts are meant for people who have the cash to spare. These carts so expensive mainly because of the powerful engines that they have.

In addition, storage space is more than enough in these carts and you can use them for just about any situation. They can also be used for hunting as they come with off-road tires.

Further, you can travel to any steep hill without a problem because of the strong engines that these carts house. We only recommend a high-end cart if you are a very rich person.

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