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How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh

There is no limit on what a golf cart can weigh. Manufacturers always try to keep the golf cart’s weight as low as possible. Different carts are made with different materials.

Even with the same manufacturer, there are various types of models and each model can have varied weights. But we can do a rough estimation for the weight.

In this article, we are going to see some weights of different golf carts and see what we get with different models.

So, How much does a golf cart weigh normally?

A golf cart normally weighs anywhere from 500 pounds to 600 pounds which is 225 kilograms and 275 kilograms respectively. This weight doesn’t take batteries into account so, it can be considered as dry weight. The precise weight of a golf cart depends on certain factors.

These factors are Engine types, models, and brands. Let us talk about engine types. There are two types of engines.

Gas Engine which, as you might have guessed, runs with gas. A gas engine golf cart makes use of a 4.6-liter tank and it weighs more than the electric model by about 100 pounds.

Electric Engines are typically lightweight and they don’t have to hold crude oil which makes it lighter than the gas engines.

A very good and expensive, cream of the crop gas model will weigh 606 pounds whereas the electric version of the same model can weigh as less as 495 pounds. You need to keep in mind that a golf cart needs to hold all of your equipment therefore, a good knowledge of a golf cart becomes pretty vital.

A golf cart is a piece of heavy equipment and if you are moving cities or even countries and you want to take your golf cart along with you, knowing its weight is a must.

What is the holding capacity of a typical golf cart?

A typical golf cart will able to hold 600 to 800 pounds of weight.

A large 4-6 seater cart may give you an astounding holding capacity of around 1100 pounds. Pretty sweet, right?

Also, depending on the brand you are using, the weights may fluctuate slightly. Some golf carts come with low torque for safety reasons and always read the manufacturer’s instructions to see the actual weight capacity of your cart.

Factors affecting the golf cart’s weight


Golf carts have two kinds of weights. Dry weight and Curb Weight.

Curb Weight refers to the weight with a battery inside the golf cart and generally, it is greater than Dry Weight i.e, without the battery! Also, different batteries have different weight so there is this fact as well.


Different manufacturers use different technologies to make a golf cart. Some use lightweight material whereas some give heavy premium material to their golf carts.

Carts with identical sizes and shapes can have different weights because of the brand that made it and the materials used while making it.

Additional Parts

Sometimes golfers add extra parts to their carts through modification and this can increase the weight in a significant way.

Even when you add a simple motor, the weight can increase by 40 pounds. Different upgrades are available as well such as more bulky tires of around 10-20 pounds and so on. All of these things can add extra weight.

Seating Kits

A golf cart isn’t an SUV, it has limited seatings. There are some rear seating solutions that can add around 150 pounds to a gold cart.

This weight can even be higher than 150 pounds sometimes. There are also roof storage racks that can be added and these increase the weight too.

You can also find golf carts that have 4-6 seats readymade and these carts weigh the most. This is because of the seat weight, the frame that holds these seats, and to drive 6 seats you need a large motor and this increases the weight.

These types of cart weigh around 1000 to 2000 pounds in weight.

Examples of some golf cart weights

Following is a list of golf cart brands and models with their weights. You can get a rough idea of what the weights are across the board.


  • Yamaha The Drive Electric: 535 Pounds
  • Yamaha The Drive Gas: 536 Pounds
  • Yamaha G22 Electric: 549 Pounds
  • Yamaha G22 Gas: 670 Pounds
  • Yamaha G19 Electric: 560 Pounds

Club Car:

  • Club Car Precedent Electric: 495 Pounds
  • Club Car Precedent Gas: 606 Pounds
  • Club Car DS IQ-System Electric: 498 Pounds
  • Club Car DS Gas: 619 Pounds


  • EZGO RXV Electric: 571 Pounds
  • EZGO RXV Gas: 697 Pounds
  • EZGO Medalist/TXT Electric: 550 Pounds
  • EZGO Medalist/TXT Gas: 750 Pounds


So, there you have it, folks, these are some of the weights that the golf cart has. You can purchase a golf cart with the weight that suits your needs the best.

Also, a final tip, you should also keep in mind the dry weight and curb weight of the cart before purchasing a cart. Most golfers tend to forget the battery’s weight.

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