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How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh

When most people want to purchase a golf cart for the very first time, they most likely research a lot of things about the model they intend to buy. However, they usually neglect to investigate the weight of a golf cart, believing it to be one of the least important factors.

But it’s better to find out now than to get a rude shock later. Besides, the weight of a golf cart will affect its performance and behavior when you need to ride it up a steep hill, or when you need to tow it from one point to another.

So, how much does a golf cart weigh? The answer to this question depends on a number of variables. First, the type of golf cart in question will contribute to the golf cart weight. Is it an electric golf cart or a gas golf cart? Secondly, the number of passengers that the golf cart can conveniently contain also has a bearing on its weight.

On average, golf carts weigh between 500-1100 pounds, but these values can swing wildly depending on several factors which we’ll talk about later in this article. Before then, let’s explain some of the more confusing terms that pertain to the weight of golf carts.

Dry Weight and Curb Weight

You’ll most likely come across these descriptions when browsing your golf cart manual or when you contact the golf cart manufacturer. These terms describe the golf cart in different states. For the average beginner, these terms may be confusing, so we’ll explain them here.

Dry Weight:

Dry weight refers to the weight of the golf club in its bare state, when the batteries and other accessories (extra seats, motor fluid, rear sitting kits, trailer hitches, tires, etc.) have not been added. This categorization is necessary because batteries can add significant weight to the golf cart. Depending on its size, golf cart batteries weigh between 100-400 pounds. Also, bear in mind that some golf carts use more than one battery.

Curb Weight:

This is the overall weight of the golf cart when purchased, including the battery weight. Typically, the battery accounts for the majority of the difference between the dry and curb weights.

So, How much does a golf cart weigh normally?

As we stated earlier on, the average golf cart will typically weigh between 500-1100 pounds. However, it’s important to know that this number may fluctuate depending on the model of the cart and the type of material that went into its production. 

Golf carts with electric vehicles and large batteries will feature a weight increment of about 300 pounds. A larger cart that can hold up to six people would weigh 1100 pounds if the two-seater weighs 900 pounds.

Each brand’s items are made of various materials and have varied proportions. The Yamaha Drive2 PTV model weighs just 785 pounds, but the E-Z-Go Express S4 cart weighs around 984 pounds.

Golf carts from major brands are available through a variety of resellers. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, including PVC and steel.

Electric Vs Gas Golf Cart Weight

Usually, golf carts are powered by either of these power sources. Understanding the unique features, advantages, and weaknesses of each type can help you make the right decision when the time comes to purchase a golf cart.

Gas golf carts are equipped with gasoline engines like you’ll find in your regular gasoline powered car. The difference is, the engines in gas golf carts are typically smaller, meaning they offer less power. Nevertheless, as gas golf carts sometimes need to carry as much as eight people, they do need fairly significant amounts of power, particularly if they are to be driven over uneven land.

The electric carts run on electricity and are driven by DC motors. The battery may be charged on a regular basis, just as electric automobiles. On the whole, gas golf carts weigh more than their electric counterparts, which makes electric carts easier to tow and transport.

Golf Cart Weight Limit For Passengers

Like most automobiles, golf carts have their limits. Exceeding these limits will put undue pressure on the cart’s power system, forcing it to move at a much slower pace than normal and ultimately causing damage to the cart.

On average, golf carts can support between 600-800 pounds of passenger weight. For the larger carts, the numbers climb to 1000-1200 pounds. These bigger capacity carts, on the other hand, are not conventional vehicles. For safety reasons, they will have extremely low torque power because they are closer to small buses.

Gas variants are slightly more powerful and better suited to rough terrain. Electric versions, on the other hand, are less expensive but have less pulling power. Electric carts should be able to pull between 150 and 180 pounds.

To ensure that you don’t go over the limit, stick with the average 200 pounds per passenger rule, and try not to carry more passengers than there are seats. Alternatively, you can check with the manufacturer for the correct specifications.

How Much Weight Can A Golf Cart Tow?

On average, a golf cart can tow up to 1000 pounds of cargo, although some may be able to exceed that amount. Towing with a golf cart is a convenient way to move little items over short distances without having to utilize a larger vehicle. So, how far can a golf cart tow? The weight your golf cart can tow is determined by the brand and specifications of your cart.

The amount of weight your golf cart can tow is also determined by its horsepower. So, how powerful is a golf cart engine? Because an electric golf cart has between 3-5 horsepower and a gas golf cart has between 10-12 horsepower, you’ll be able to haul greater weight with a gas golf cart because it has higher torque power. There are few outliers, such as a 48-volt Club Car DS with up to 10 horsepower. If you want a precise figure, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer to find out how much horsepower your cart model has.

Before you commit to towing with your golf cart, make sure you know that it can withstand the weight. You’ll also want to ensure sure your golf cart’s tire pressure is set to the right psi to avoid damaging it.

Towing Golf Carts

To reach a conclusion on whether your vehicle can conveniently tow your golf cart, you should add about 1000 pounds to the curb weight of the cart and use the resulting figure as your base number.

This is because your vehicle’s listed towing limitations are usually too low. Although your vehicle may be capable of towing such large loads, it will place additional pressure on your drivetrain. It’s best to select a greater number so you can tow more easily and your towing vehicle lasts longer.

Examples of some golf cart weights

Following is a list of golf cart brands and models with their weights. You can get a rough idea of what the weights are across the board.


  • Yamaha The Drive Electric: 535 Pounds
  • Yamaha The Drive Gas: 536 Pounds
  • Yamaha G22 Electric: 549 Pounds
  • Yamaha G22 Gas: 670 Pounds
  • Yamaha G19 Electric: 560 Pounds

Club Car:

  • Club Car Precedent Electric: 495 Pounds
  • Club Car Precedent Gas: 606 Pounds
  • Club Car DS IQ-System Electric: 498 Pounds
  • Club Car DS Gas: 619 Pounds


  • EZGO RXV Electric: 571 Pounds
  • EZGO RXV Gas: 697 Pounds
  • EZGO Medalist/TXT Electric: 550 Pounds
  • EZGO Medalist/TXT Gas: 750 Pounds


There are several factors that can contribute to the weight of a golf cart, but the most prominent is the engine type of the cart. Gas powered carts and electric carts have their unique pros and weaknesses, and the choice of which one to go for will largely depend on your circumstances and preferences. 

Apart from your budget, other essential points that you need to keep at the back of your mind before settling on a cart include the type of terrain you’re likely to encounter, the number of passengers you’ll likely be accommodating every week, and to what use you intend to put your golf cart.

Figure all these out before heading to the shops and you’re sure to come back home with the perfect golf cart for you.

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