How To Drive a Golf Ball for Beginners (Guide 2022)

Golfers are always trying to hit the best drives. A drive in golf is a long shot that you hit with power. While the power in the shot is very important, there are other things that are equally needed as well.

how to drive a golf ball

For instance, you need precision in addition to power. You also need a good iron, a particular posture, and things of that matter to make sure your drives get the job done. Today, we are going to be providing you with some of the best techniques for driving the ball.

We hope this will give you a solid grasp of the drive shot and you will be able to wreck the competition in a golf course.  So, without any further ado, let us just get into it.

How To Drive a Golf Ball: Things You Need For A Perfect Drive

Before you begin going all out driving the ball, there are certain things to consider. These things will improve your overall drive.

These are some important equipment that you need for any golfing career.

Driver : Choosing the best driver for beginners is pretty important. Amateur players need to select a driver that will provide them with more loft.

This loft can help you become more consistent. You can test some drivers and judge the launch angle, speed and spin from the driver and see what fits you the best.

Remember that irons have higher loft than woods.

Club: A club should first feel great to you. Now, Another equally important thing to consider is the hole design you are playing in while you are selecting a club. You can use your swing speed to know which golf clubs you need.

Ball : You should always pick the right ball for your game. It can definitely be pretty difficult though. You need to account for the ball’s spin, hardness, feel and the distance it will cover.

There is no single great ball. One of the best ways to know the right ball is to talk to a golfing professional. They can help you correct the cover and density of the core.

Choose the ball that ticks all the boxes and before playing in a professional manner, try out all types of balls to see what’s the best for you.

Tee : Yes, you have got multiple options when it comes to tees too! Modern drivers utilize large heads so, taller tees have flooded the market.

The size of the tee will also impact your driver. While you take a shot, the golf ball should be teed at an appropriate height for maximum efficiency.

Using a taller tee is always recommended. Taller tees help you avoid hitting the ground. Taller tees aren’t always the answer though.

When you are using a tall tree, tee up the ball properly. If you don’t do it, you might undercut the ball and you don’t want to do that.

How To Drive A Golf Ball With An Iron?

To drive a ball properly, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions below. Your control, power, grip and stance are very important so, we will be providing a comprehensive guide in each topic.

Stance or Position

Stance for golf drive

For making your position or stance perfect for a drive, follow the following steps:

Mark a vertical point such as a tree or the place you want the ball to land and then align your body with this vertical marker. This will help you get a proper posture and then you can execute a perfect shot.

Your feet position is very important. A golf swing will utilize both horizontal and vertical feature. The center of your swing is based on your feet so, always have a proper feet position.

The next thing you need to do is adjust your arms. You’d need your arms to be straight and form a V shape. This will increase the power on the shot and also the control will improve.


golf grip

You should know the size of your grip. This is very important while you are trying out a drive. Every golfer should be aware of their grip size.

You can examine your grip before you start playing. A pair of gloves will also help you out in this matter. When you can understand the grip size, you can then select the right golf club.

Get the feel of a club before buying it. There are a few things you can do to improve your grip.

You can try out different grip styles and see how the shot comes out. Start with a loose grip and tighten it as you go.
If you are right handed, try a left hand grip just to see how it goes and vice versa.

Remember to curl your fingers around the golf club to get a perect grip.

Keep the club between your fingers and interlock them in the strength you feel comfortable with. Try out a few shots and see what suits you the best.


Every amateur or pro golfer will agree that power is one of the basic requirements for golf. You are hitting a ball with your swing and most times the ball needs to cover a huge distance.

Developing power will provide you with a very good golfing career to it is important that you do it. There are a few ways you can increase the power on your shot.

Power comes from your strength. To apply more power, your hands should be strong enough.  You can do exercises targeted towards your hands to increase the strength. When the strength of your hand increases. power comes naturally.

Keeping the tee high enough is yet another trick for improving the power. As we discussed earlier, this will increase the loft and the ball will travel a distance.

Leaning back can also increase the power. The strength can come from your hips and legs, even though it is your hand which is actually swinging.

You feet should be firm and hold your body weight. This will increase your internal power by a big margin. Relaxing your shoulders and joints can also help gain focus and increase the shot power.


You might have the power locked in. Now, you need to control that power. Control comes with focus and direction. You can lose the whole game if you do not control your swing.

New golfers face this problem of control and you can also face it if you are not careful. Sometimes they can hit the ball very high while the ball can get less power sometimes.

The best way to control power is to just practice everyday. When you have enough practice, controlling your shots will come easily.

Also, focusing on strokes will help you maintain a balanced power. You can later use this control on drives.


golf swing

The last thing you need to remember is the swing. Many beginners ask questions like “How to swing a golf club“.

But once you have all the equipment with you, your grip is nice, you’ve mastered the control and build up the power, now comes the actual technique.

The swing will determine what the distance on your drive would be. For the perfect swing, follow the instructions below:

The first thing you need to remember is the kind of swing you are using. There are two types of swings. One for power and another for control. You don’t need power for every shot. You can hit a controlled shot quite easily for holes that are closer.

While back swinging, always remember to shift the weight backward for more power. Fast swinging will not give you more power but slow and distant swing will definitely give you more power.

When you are on a downswing, the swing should have one single movement that uses the entire body. Do not rush though. Keep your head in place and downswing with power.

Many amateurs always try to flip the hands forward in an effort to get the ball in the air. This defeats the whole purpose of getting a proper setup. Your hands should be angled towards the ball for a proper downswing.

The final thing is the follow through. The club should have a complete swing over your shoulders. Have patience, first follow through and only then look at the ball to see where it went. When you follow through, the ball will reach the destination.


There you have it then. A perfect drive is a combination of many factors.

The skill set that we have mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other things to consider such as the mindset and the form of the golfer. A golfer should swing with the right mindset.

Confidence and form plays another factor as well. When you have these things sorted out, you can then perfect your shots and then drive a golf ball perfectly.

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