How to grip a golf club: Holding Club The Proper Way

You might think that the grip on a golf club is a trivial matter and it’s pretty easy as well but that is not the case.

It might be the most important thing. Your game can go to waste if you do not master the art of grip.

In this article we are going to be providing you a comprehensive guide on handling and holding a golf club.

how to grip a golf club

What Is The  Proper Grip In Golf?

Holding a golf club is way different than holding a baseball bat or a cricket bat.

You should never hold your golf club like a baseball bat, it won’t work. You need a steady and strong grip for a full swing.

The grip creates the base for your swing to hit the target. The only connection you have with your club is your grip.

So, for creating a perfect grip, you need to experiment tirelessly till you find the one that suits you in a perfect way.

How To Grip A Golf Club? Guide For The Perfect Grip

To perform a grip that is quite perfect in every aspect, you need to follow the instructions given below. It doesn’t matter what grip you go with, these instructions will help you master the art.

Remember that these instructions are only for right handed golfers. But, Left handed golfers can also take some knowledge out of it.

  • The first thing you need to do is to hold your club waist high, horizontal to the ground and square the club face.
  • Always grab the club with your left hand first. This will give you a feel. Now, stretch the fingers out and align the club with your palm to make a line straight and diagonal. This line should be diagonal across your fingers.
  • The next step would be to close your hand. Close it tightly with your left hand. The heel of your palm needs to rest  along the top edge of the handle.
  • Now, rotate your hand to the right until you see two knuckles on your left hand. This will give you a very neutral grip which is great.
  • As far as the positioning goes, position the heel of your right hand on the top of your left thumb to cover the left hand. Close your hand to make a V and there you have it, a workable grip!

For left handed individuals:

It’s hard being left handed right? You are basically thrown in a world of right handed people but if you are a left handed golfer then you might just be lucky! Left handed clubs are available quite easily.

Golf manufacturers make sure about that. As far as swing is concerned, you can swing right handed even if you are left handed that easily. For short shots you can then switch back to left hand.

You might want to try a bit to know which hand works the best for you. Moving on to the grip, the technique for holding a golf club is quite same for right and left handed golfers.

Only difference is in the hand placement. Your right hand will be at the edge of the handle while your left hand will be a bit closer to the head.

Types of Grips

We could go on and on about all the different grips and how they are suited for different type of shots but to be honest, there are only three grips that you should know. These are the basic grips. When you master these grips, then you can experiment with all other types of grips. Anyway, the three basic grips are explained below:

Two Hand (10-Finger) Grip

The Two Hand grip (or 10 finger grip) is called so because all your fingers are involved in this grip. Newbies will definitely find this grip pretty comfortable to use.

This grip can be powerful because all your fingers are involved. It can be a well suited grip for a golfer with small hands.

Overlapping Grip

The overlapping grip is also called “vardon” grip and it is the most common type of grip in gold. You can position your pinkie finger in one hand and keep it in the ridge.

The ridge should be between your other hand’s index finger and the middle finger. If you have big hands then this grip is perfect for you.

Interlocking  Grip

The main advantage of this grip is the added power that it provides. The grip starts just like the 10 finger grip. But you simply interlock one hand’s pinkie finger with another hand’s index finger and get your hands closer together.

The grip locks your fingers together so, the power from both of your hands will be flowing to the swing, this increases the swing power by two times sometimes.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while gripping a golf club

Never Grip ‘Up’ : Always place your golf club appropriately in your hand. Do not position your hand high on the club. Move your left hand down the handle. Reposition your right hand to match.

Check the Trail : If you are right handed, always double check the placement of your right hand on the club. See if your thumb and forefinger make a V shape. And is it pointing to the middle of your sternum? Check it as well.

Check the left hand lead :  Always see if the knuckles of your ring and middle fingers are on your left hand or not. See if the club handle is running diagonally down the finger.

Never squeeze hard : Never choke your club. Remember, you should be holding the golf club with the same pressure you would hold a small bird. Just with the appropriate pressure! If you need power though, squeeze as hard as you want cos some people can generate more power that way.

Back to Basics : It’s better to start over if everything else fails. You should put the club down and step away.  Then, you can return to your club and always start from the beginning.

Some Tips For New Golfers

  • You should always start with your left hand if you are right handed and vice versa.
  • Always ensure that the handle runs diagonally across your left fingers.
  • Check for the knuckles after you close your hand.
  • Never cover the butt of the handle with your palm.
  • Your right hand’s thumb and the forefinger should always make a ‘V’ shape.
  • Experiment with the three basic grips until you find the one that’s comfortable enough.
  • Do not ever squeeze the club too tightly, keep it loose.


Golf grip is one of the major things to consider whenever you are trying to improve your game. Most people often tend to overlook it.

They will have a great stance, power and control but their grip would be bad and they end up paying for it. So, You need to consider the grip as a major contributing factor to your game and improve it by some margin.

Remember to focus when you are gripping and never forget to experiment. Try out different grips and see what works the best for you.

I hope the knowledge that we tried to provide you in this article regarding how to grip a golf club has worked wonders for you. Take everything you can from it and do your best when you go out and play golf.

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