How To Put Spin On Golf Ball [Step By Steps]

The spin on a golf ball makes it turn and spin as it travels through the air. This makes the ball back up after hitting the ground.

This is a very useful technique when you are hitting the golf ball onto a green that has a hole present close to a sand trap.

The most common type of spin on a golf ball is known as a “Backspin”, which allows you to spin the ball backward in the direction of the hole.

For many golfers, applying spin on a golf ball is very complex and they think it’s a magic trick. Far from it, the spin is actually a pretty easy skill to learn and utilize.

how to spin on ball

It can be a bit tricky to actually implement spin in a perfect way but a simple backspin on your chipped shots is not very difficult to execute.

You must, however, work on some specific techniques in some of the practice sessions. You can definitely learn how to spin your chip shots effectively.

Now let us look at the actual method of How To Put Spin On Golf Ball.

What do you need to put a spin on the golf ball?

To put a spin on the ball, the first thing that you are going to need is the equipment that helps you to do this, that is, a ball capable of spinning and a golf club appropriate for the spin. They are explained below:

The Club

To add backspin when you are doing a chip shot, you need to use a lofted club. The club should have a wedge of around 60 degrees. Any less loft than this minimum requirement will not be enough to make your ball spin. Your wedge should also be in proper condition for this.

The Ball

Every golf ball is not going to spin as you want it. A ball that is a bit inexpensive, targeted towards the beginner golfers will have a very hardcover and these kinds of ball will not spin that much. The first thing you can do is find a golf ball that has a softcover. A softcover will definitely influence the chip on the shot. So, as long as you use a ball with softcover and a club that is specialized towards loft, you have done half the work already.

What effects the Spin?

method to spin on ball

Some of the factors that mainly affect the spin are given below:

Golf Course

If there is debris that gets between your club and the golf ball, the spin will be effected in a negative way. Always have a clean lie on the fairway as it will give you the most spin. The way you set up the golf course can also affect the spin but most of the times, that is not under your control.

Choosing a golf course, however, is under your control and it will serve you right if you can choose a golf course that has absolutely perfect conditions.

The more debris that gets between the golf club and the golf ball will greatly affect the spin rate. Having a clean lie on the fairway is obviously your best chance to put the most spin on the ball.

However, even then moisture and debris can still get on the face of the wedge before impact. When the fairways are mowed and have short grasses, it is typically easier to add spin to a ball.


While the above-given factors and equipment play a vital role in applying spin to a golf ball, nothing is more important than how you actually strike the shot.

You have to master the technique of striking the ball but how do you do it? Well, for one thing, practice and you can also utilize another kind of technique such as striking the golf ball first and then striking the ground.

If you do this, the debris and moisture get trapped and the shot spin will increase.

Methods to increase spin

There are a few methods and formulas that can help you apply more spin to your shots. These methods are explained below:

The Backspin Formula

Well, we are not going to teach you mathematics here but there is this really cool formula that gives you an idea of what it takes to implement a backspin. The formula goes like this: The backspin on a shot is the product clubhead speed, spin loft, and friction.  i.e, Spin = Speed  x Loft x Friction
We have already discussed the loft and how a club with more loft increases spin so we will not revisit that. We are going to be discussing the speed of the clubhead as well as the friction that is present!

Clubhead Speed

The clubhead speed one of the factors in our equation and it can be defined as the speed with which the clubhead travels until the moment it hits the ball. The higher this speed is, the higher the spin rate will be. This tells us many things. For instance, when you are doing a small chip, spin is impossible because you cannot smash the ball under that condition. But if you are hitting a shot that has a distance aim of 100 yards then, the clubhead speed is higher. This can generate a lot more spin on the ball.


We all know what friction is, it is a force that opposes motion. In golf, friction acts as a tape or a glue between a golf ball and the face of the club. The stronger this attachment is, the higher will be the friction. And if you have memorized our equation, you guessed it right, more will be the spin. So, to make a ball spin like the earth, you need to have some friction. But How do you increase friction? good question! To increase friction, you first need to hit the ball with a strike. Just right down the middle with everything you have got. If this technique of yours is good, friction will be created automatically when you strike.

Friction also depends on some other conditions in a golf course. The better condition means more friction and more backspin.

Here are the 4 conditions that have a major effect on the friction:

  • Your wedges should be clean and in as good condition as possible.
  • A premium golf ball is a bonus
  • Your ball, grass and the face of your club should be very dry
  • You need to have as little grass as possible.
  • Less grass means a very tight shot and remembers, a better strike will create more spin.

Stance and Swing

The next method to increase the spin is to be in a  stance (a position) from where you can hit the ball with more ease and more spin. You can do this in a number of ways.

The vertical shaft position is the easiest position to master. This promotes loft at impact. You have to lean the shaft forward before you actually swing the ball this will create more strikes on the chip.

You should be trying to perfect this position before you actually swing the ball.

The next thing that you could do is hit the ball down just slightly by leaning toward the target. Your weight should be on your left foot and you should hit the ball down to get clean contact.

Swing now!

Finally, it is time to swing now. To swing the ball, you are going to use speed through and through. Hit as fast as you can keeping in mind the force you need to make your goal.

The idea here is to get the ball as close to the hole before the spin stops so, you need to apply just the right force. Do not overhit the ball but do hit it with speed.

Learning this can be very difficult, as keeping your swing speed up is one of the most challenging things in golf. You need to be thinking about brushing the club under the ball to get on the top of the grass and remember to follow through on your shot.

Your positioning is everything when you want to keep up the good work.

The only thing which is left now for you to do is practice, practice, and practice. Make sure you follow this instruction article properly.

Read it a few times, make notes and bring those notes down to the golf course and practice as you have never practiced before.


We have given you everything we know and you should know about putting a spin on the golf ball. This has been rather large writing so, we are going to summarize this for you on points. Here are the things you need to take from this article:

  • The golf ball, the club and the course condition all affect the spin you put out.
  • Your ball should have softcover and the club should have a loft. Also, shorter grasses on a golf course create more friction.
  • You should strike the ball with as much speed as you possibly can.
  • Our equation is; Spin is equal to the speed of the clubhead times loft times friction!
    ( Sp = Sc x L x F)
  • A proper stance and a proper swing are very important, practice is the key!

So, there you have it. Now take all of this knowledge to your golf course, practice hard, and perfect your spin technique.

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