S7K Standalone Putter Review – Updated 2022

Many golfers miss their putts not because they lack the skill, but because of poor alignment and a lack of confidence in their strokes.

Well, that is exactly what the visionaries behind the S7K standalone putter aspired to tackle. 

And Oh YES! 

They came up with precisely what they were looking for: a putter that provides golfers with immediate feedback on the resting position of their putter on the ground so that they can align their shots perfectly, take strokes confidently, and hit putts predominantly.

And professional golfers who’ve tried the S7K putter absolutely loved it. They say it’s a great solution for golfers searching for an easier way to aim putts. It’s also an absolutely great overall performing putter that compares to the top high-end models from reputable brands at a much cheaper price.

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Detailed Features:

The S7K Standing Putter is a unique stand-alone putter that assists golfers in the alignment of their aim for confident strokes. 

The three-line path guide on the putter allows you to align it right in line and hit the ball precisely on every stroke.


The S7K standalone putter has a graphite shaft that is very lightweight and sturdy as well. The graphite material used in this putter has no flex and gives the golfer better overall control over swings.

It features an EVA foam grip that makes it feel very comfortable to hold and swing. It weighs only 10 grams and is designed exactly for enhancing the performance of this putter. The grip is very responsive to your hands. Combined with the ultra-low balance point, the S7K putter enhances your speed and distance control providing better acceleration through impact for clutch putts.

The neck hosel is simple and connects the shaft to the clubhead. It’s well-built, secure, and offers minimum lateral movement. 

The clubhead is the main attraction of the S7K putter. It features a half mallet design with a 3-line alignment guide. The base of the mallet is flat and the clubhead weighs 350 grams. With its magnificent weight balancing technology and clubhead design, the putter stands on its own effortlessly. This assists a golfer to easily align the golf ball to the hole for hitting putts in a single hit. 


The S7K standing putter is very lightweight, weighing at a total of 400 grams. The clubhead weighs 350 grams and provides a high MOI of approx. 7000 g/cm2. The shaft and grip altogether weigh 50 grams.

The putter is head heavy in design which gives the user extra handling over their strokes for speed and distance control. 


The S7K stand-alone putter has a great balance between higher control over speed and distance and easy alignment. Since it is head heavy and the overall weight of the putter is relatively low, it also has higher forgiveness and is easy to swing.

The putter face has a deep fly-cut mill pattern which offers a smooth and soft feel on impact. The MOI rating on this putter is also extremely high at approximately 7000 g/cm2. This not only provides higher acceleration on impact but also gives higher forgiveness on miss-hits.  

A golfer has the advantage of lining up their shots and adjusting the ball position without the pressure of keeping their hands still and the putter in place. And with a three-line alignment guide on the club head of the putter, the possibility of miss hitting a putt is dropped significantly. 

And even when you do have a miss-hit, the putter has higher forgiveness and it’s not always punishing. 

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Is S7K Putter Legal for Use in Tournaments?

It’s the most commonly asked question in the market today. Golfers fear that this putter is overpowered and might be illegal. 

However, although the attributes of this putter may make it seem like it would be illegal for tournament play, it is absolutely legal. The USGA and R&A rules allow this putter and you can freely use the S7K Putter to advance through tournaments.  

Our Verdict on the S7K Putter

The S7K Putter is an excellent choice for amateurs and professionals alike. It’s not very often that you come across a product that steers in a different direction than traditional ones of the same field and does manage to bring satisfaction and solution to problems that the traditional ones fail to address. 

The standalone putter offers great assist especially for beginner golfers who wish to aim perfectly and hit putts confidently. The price tag on this putter is also relatively low when compared to high-end ones.

For what you’re paying, the S7K Putter is an absolutely worthwhile purchase. And to put the icing on the cake, the manufacturer also provides a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This means that you can use the putter all you want for 60 days and if your putting doesn’t improve drastically then you can just return it and get a full refund.

Now isn’t that an utterly killer deal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the S7K putter in an official tournament?

Yes, absolutely! The USGA and R&A rules allow S7K putter to be used freely through official tournaments.

How can the S7K putter stand on its own?

The S7K putter is lightweight but most of its weight is on the clubhead. The clubhead weighs 350 grams while the shaft and grip only weigh 50 grams combined.

This is precisely the reason behind the putter being able to stand up on its own on the ground. 

The base of the putter blade is flat and prevents any sideward movements that could tip off the balance of the standing putter.

Can I replace the foam grip of the S7K putter?

Yes. Although the EVA foam grip that comes with the putter is specifically designed for the putter, you can replace it with a grip of your choice.

However, since the grip is also an integral part of the putter that assists the balance of the putter, it is recommended that you replace it with a grip from the original manufacturer itself for undegraded performance.

Is it true that the clubhead on the S7K is prone to rust?

It is without a doubt true that the clubhead on the S7K is made from 431 high-grade stainless steel. However, if you leave it out on moist environments for extended periods of time, it could develop rust.

It could also happen if putters aren’t cleaned properly after tournaments. But again, every club is prone to rust in these scenarios.

To avoid this, make sure to clean the club head with a golf towel and ensure that the storage unit where your clubs are stored is at room temperature.

How long is the warranty on the S7K putter?

Here’s one thing that most reviewers don’t talk about. The S7K putter has a full 1-Year Warranty for any manufacturing defects. And additionally, they also provide a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This means that you get a full refund by returning the putter if your putting doesn’t improve drastically.

Here comes the end to an unbiased S7K standalone putter review. If you have any queries or doubts about this in mind then feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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